My New Camera: Fujifilm X-M1

I love taking photographs! It has always been my interest even when I was still a kid. I would force my cousins to pose so I could take pictures of them. I would get envious when another kid gets a newer and shinier camera. But at last, now that I am older, photography is now easier to do.

I was given a Nikon d3100 by my Ninong a few years ago and I just fell in love with it. Imagine what I felt when I saw a big box of Nikon upon arriving home! But despite its beauty and its ability, I’ve always found it hard to bringevery day and every where. Be it the constant fear of me getting robbed, or the heavy weight it has always put on my shoulders – I just wasn’t using it to its full potential. I just wasn’t enjoying photography because these things limited me.

That’s the reason why I was attracted to Fujifilm. It’s mirrorless, which meant a lighter camera and sharper images. What a dream. Fujifilm is also known for the unique colors it produces in its photos. Ever since I saw it in a blog of one of my favorite photographers, all I wanted was that. I wanted it so bad but I couldn’t afford it. It was too expensive!!!

A year or two passed and I graduated and passed the Pharmacy Licensure Exam. So I asked my dad if he could buy me a Fujifilm – which just had a massive price drop – and he agreed! I was in cloud nine!

I am so grateful. It’s such a beauty to look at!

The body's and the len's box.
The body’s and the len’s boxes.
Hello, X-M1! I couldn't take a photo of it because I don't have any other camera. So here's a selfie instead.
Hello, X-M1! I couldn’t take a photo of it because I don’t have any other camera. So here’s a selfie instead.

It’s just wonderful. Every photo I take, I am in awe. Here are some sample shots that I have taken:

And this one is Sasha, our sweet and loving dog.
This one is Sasha, our sweet and loving dog.
This is Satcho, my tita's dog. He's siblings with our dog.
And this is Satcho, my tita’s dog. He’s siblings with our dog.

Flowers on the ground that I just thought could have a poetic phrase if I took a picture of them.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT IT: Crisp and sharp images, wonderful colors, Wi-Fi function, physical appearance

What I wish it had: A viewfinder!

I am totally happy with my camera. My plan now is to save and buy a Fujifilm X-T1 in the future when I get employed (I just graduated, remember?:p). But I’m not complaining. It’s amazing. I am so excited with this camera and I hope I can use it to its full potential!


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